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Website Design

We provide affordable website design services, for companies, businesses and individuals. We are able to provide your company or business, large or small with a range of options to ensure we can create the web site you require. The website design services that will promote your company into the area of interactive business.

What kind of website do you want?

  • Basic website of a few pages.
  • Corporate web design
  • Custom e-commerce shoppe.
  • Content management solution.
  • Flash and Multimedia base website

Quality of the Website Design

Lots of website design companies can provide 'cool' web designs - but for a high price; often charging several thousands of Rupees for their website designs. There are also many companies that offer cheap web design - but the quality of the design is usually so poor.

AMBS Technologies Company is a different kind of website Design Company, we have all the necessary web page design skills but we keep our web design prices extremely competitive.

Web Design coding Quality

This means writing the code (or markup) for your website in XHTML (Extensible HyperText Markup Language) and using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to apply styles.

Website Design & Development Philosopy

  • Excellent Design Interface
  • Easy to Read
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Browser Compatibilty
  • W3c Validation
  • User Friendly
Website Redesign

Website redesign should not only be considered where your site is not performing in the search engines. If you are not converting sales or enquiries from your site visitors you may have to redesign your website with this in mind.

Your website would incorporate the latest search engine optimization techniques to achieve a higher ranking on major search engine like Google, yahoo.msn, altaVista , alltheweb which will attract quality traffic.

If your current website is not corporate look, which you expect, you should contact us to find out how you can have your website redesign and development.

Our Team of professional web designers and developers specialize in providing complete web design, website redesign and development including E-commerce solutions, internet marketing, web promotion , search engine optimization.

Website Maintenance

Your website may require regular weekly or monthly updates. If you have news pages, special offers, catch reports or image galleries that change regularly and so forth, it is vital that these pages are current and they reflect what you offer. If they don't, potential clients will be put off and your company looks unprofessional.

We Provide

  • Hourly Maintenance
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Yearly Maintenance
Canada Website Maintenance

Are you worried about your website maintenance when your developer is not around?

Managing a website involves troubleshooting and constantly updating the website with latest content like blogs, articles and other literature to keep it looking fresh and new always. Also the maintenance team is responsible to ensure that the website does not suffer from any downtime. Companies big and small have a dedicated team of maintenance technicians on standby to ensure proper functioning of their website. But the crucial question is what happens when the maintenance guy goes missing?

AMBS Technologies offers professional website maintenance services in Canada & the US which includes website maintenance and support, hosting and domain support amongst others services. The services are available across UK, The US, Canada and Australia to clients dealing with emergencies and find that their website maintenance guy is not able to support them.

The trained and experienced developers are always available on standby to assist companies dealing with crisis pertaining to maintenance of their website. The top-notch services provided by AMBS Technologies is one of the best in the industry and offers website maintenance services in Canada & the US to companies both large and small. The 24x7 availability of emergency website maintenance and support technicians ensures that the companies can find respite in the shortest possible time as the technicians are able to start work on the issue almost instantly.

Services that the clients are entitled to:

When clients opt for website maintenance services in Canada & the US they are entitled to a host of other services like:

  • Round the clock availability of technicians for emergency works
  • Personalized services website hosting and support services for every clients
  • Quick response and prompt action for quick respite
  • Hassle free repairs that enable easy viewing on all devices
  • Website monitoring and securing it against all future threats
  • Comprehensive plans to suit individual clients

Superior services, affordable prices

The services put forth are the best in the industry and the timely intervention by emergency maintenance technicians have ensured that the clients need not be in a fix over a downed website. The website maintenance services in Canada & the US offered by the AMBS Technologies have taken the quality of services especially pertaining to emergency website maintenance support and hosting and domain support to new heights. The uncompromised quality of repairs at affordable prices makes AMBS Technologies one of the most sought after website maintenance service and support agencies in The US, UK, Australia and Canada.

How AMBS Technologies can help?

The dearth of good quality emergency website maintenance support in industry was recognized and hence AMBS Technologies concentrated resources to offer one of the best emergency website maintenance services in Canada & the US. These services are available to the clients round the clock with a dedicated team of technicians assisting the clients whenever they are in any sort of emergency.

As websites increasingly become the face of any company in today’s growing influence of internet the round the clock emergency assistance at affordable prices makes the services provided by AMBS Technologies have been found to be very attractive and popular amongst many companies struggling to locate reliable website maintenance services in Canada & the US.

We Provide

  • Hourly Maintenance
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Yearly Maintenance